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Living, 20’s.

Ladies, let that coffee kick in and realize what an adorable badass you are going to be today. Welcome to your new escape! A judgement free area where you can come, slip off those heels and read up on our most recent updates and advice for surviving your 20’s.Your one and only source to help you conquer and thrive during this crucial time in your lives. Whether it’s men, women, family or your favorite topping on a chipotle burrito, we’re here. To not just listen but to get you through the hardships and the excitement. No topic is too big and no problem is too small. We both most likely have been in your shoes, and thats why we chose to create a blog where readers can ask us advice on relationships, friendships, life,and pretty much any shitty situation. Why trust our judgement? Because luckily for you, we’ve experienced almost every freakin’ struggle life has thrown our way. So we did the hard work for you, now you just get to sit back, read/ask and avoid all the shit we had to deal with. xoxo, Noelle & Alexis 

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One of our favorite songs to dance to… because most of the time we’re daydreaming about drinking margaritas in mexico :)