Three- Legged Puppy (men) Syndrome…

If the same ten girls say the same thing about the same man, most likely what they are saying is true. No need to go testing the theory yourself. But us girls suffer from what I like to call three-legged puppy syndrome.  Let me explain what this is. Three-legged puppy syndrome is an illness, one in which girls firmly believe that out of all the healthy strong adorable puppies sitting in that big wide open barn, we need to pick the only one that is missing a goddamn leg. We have to pick the puppy that needs extra attention and needs to be catered to. Call it maternal instinct or whatever you would like, but the fact of the matter is that us women pick men like we would pick a dog. We sort of have this whole idea planned out in our head, almost like a fairytale. And if everything were to go as planned this fairy tale would sound a little bit like the movie “A walk to Remember” or ” Grease”. Broken unstable man meets young stable woman who changes him for the better. And along the way falls madly in love with her. Sounds perfect right? (Now I had to laugh while writing that because the mere idea of any woman changing a man from his habits is quite amusing.) The truth is that it’s just not our jobs. Men only change when they absolutely HAVE to. And I hate to break it to you but we will never be that reason. And it’s not because you and I aren’t good enough reasons, no that’s not it. It’s because there are still plenty of other single naive girls out there dumb enough to fall for this mans tricks so why should he stop? When this happens we must move on. I repeat MOVE.ON. Don’t waste any bit of your time trying to change or fix something or someone that just isn’t ready to be changed. When and if the time is right and you two are meant to be it will happen, but until then…on to the next.

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