What we allow is what will continue…

 I would really just love to blame everything on the male species but I can’t. Us woman have to take some if not a good amount of the responsibility. We are more than capable of controlling what and who we keep in our lives, especially our love lives and what we allow is what will continue. Sometimes I think we forget how much power the vagina holds. And I mean that in the classiest way possible. Think about it, we are the holy grail, we hold the pot of gold at the end of that goddamn rainbow, we’re beautiful, strong, mysterious, and just so happen to hold the biggest weapon of all time… Ding ding ding our vaginas!! So why do we (yes myself included)  make it so easy for men to be in control and call all the shots? Why is it that after long nights staying up with our closest girls plotting ways to “make him work for it” and “play hard to get” it all goes out the window the minute he looks at you and says “hey.” So much for holding out. For the woman of this generation (yes I am speaking to you!) there is absolutely no reason to be making the mans job any easier than it already is! Holding out and making them work for it never hurt anyone. I have to say this generation of men have it pretty easy, too easy. Let’s change that.  It’s quite simple. We have too much to offer not only to ourselves but to someone else to be settling. Every person is different, we all require different needs and because every single one of us is at a different stage in our lives we are all looking for something different. But at the end of the day it can all be chalked up to the fact that we really all just want someone to comfort us and be there. But that need and that desire is not worth sacrificing our self-worth and value. Never belittle your own personal needs to suit that of another mans just because he is not ready or refuses to be ready for what you are looking for. Whether it’s that he’s not ready or just not ready for you, doesn’t matter. What does matter is if you and him are not on the same page and if it doesn’t look like it’s heading that way anytime soon than maybe it’s just time to turn the page and close the book.

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