Love your girl or Drake will

Now listen up, who knew this quote would ever hold any type of meaning to girls around the globe. But yet here I am quoting him.What’s unfortunate and what I don’t quite understand is why men don’t realize what they have until it’s gone. Why does it take someone walking out of your life for you to realize what you had?  As cliche as that sounds, it’s so ridiculously true. In this generation we have countless apps & social media sites to meet people on, its disgustingly easy to find a replacement after a breakup. Someone new to occupy your time while letting new scars heal. Simply go on tinder,, plenty of fish etc and find your next possible relationship or quick hookup. It’s so easy for men to discard us and find something new now. I kinda love it though… I mean think about it.. They had us in the palm of their hands, we were perfect, we had our shit together, most likely a good job, doing well in a school, a solid degree, financially stable, and awesome in bed ( just assuming here) . We have it all..but that’s not enough for them. Men bitch and complain that it’s “nearly impossible” to find a woman that is everything they are looking for, beautiful, committed, honest, successful, driven etc, but when they find this, when they find exactly what they are looking for…. they almost always walk away from it. What they don’t realize is you can’t replace something real with temporary thrills. And if you are reading this right now and find that this is something you can relate to or have been through with a guy, then I hate to break it to you but that guy wasn’t a guy, he was a boy who just couldn’t handle your type of awesomeness. If the guy you’re with now doesn’t want to settle down or presents you with the very so typical and personally one of  my all time favorite “you’re too good for me” or “I can’t give you what you are looking for or deserve” then you know what maybe instead of trying to change your standards to match his to make it work , maybe you should just take his advice and listen to him.  Chances are if he is using any of those pathetic lines you really are too good for him and he can’t give you what you deserve because you definitely don’t deserve trash and bullshit, and that’s all that man is giving you . Run in the opposite direction of this broken unstable man. He’ll think it’s easy to find a replacement. They all do. And that is how you separate a man from a boy. A man recognizes your self worth, he realizes and takes notice of a woman who has more to offer than her body. A man craves a woman with goals and drive. A man craves a woman who takes pride in her own accomplishments and knows her own self worth. A boy on the other hand cares about two things. The tits on your chest and the ass on your back and what you’re going to do with them. They care very little for your accomplishments and goals and what’s going on in your life or even your head for that matter. A boy will only really notice you when you decide to walk out of his life and a man will notice you the minute you walk into it and never let you go. For all the boys out there, while you are out there scoring “bitches” and breaking things that don’t belong to you, men are having to pick up, dust off and mend all the things you broke in your destructive and ruthless path and show us women what it is really like to be with a man who has more to offer then Jordan’s and snap backs. These men are showing you up and we are all laughing at you now.

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