They say “if it’s real, it comes back” I say ” if it’s real, it never left”

In the movies the guy always comes back. We say goodbye and half the time we don’t even mean it. We tell ourselves that if we push them away they’ll eventually come crawling back. They’ll realize what they had and miss it so much they will come back to us. So we convince ourselves that in order to get what we want, in order to convince this one man we are what they want (maybe they just don’t realize it yet), we say goodbye. But what if they don’t come back. What if what they had to offer us really is all they had to offer us. They didn’t want anymore than they could give and this is what we get, we accept it, we learn to love it, we compromise what we want for it because losing them is too scary, because they really might not come back…life isn’t a movie. It’s not a game and it doesn’t work the way we want it to half the time. But this is a scary thought. The idea of losing someone so important to us makes my heart break . The mere thought of having to let go of someone that we have emotionally and physically invested so much time in makes my knees weak and my palms sweaty, it makes my eyes water and my head spin. And this feeling this exact feeling and thought is what makes saying goodbye so hard. We say goodbye ..they might not come back. They might not have this epiphany..they could just walk away. But maybe this is better than compromising our hearts? Maybe this is better than giving in. It’s not about letting them win or who can play the game the best. It’s about protecting what is ours and knowing what we deserve and facing reality. Life isn’t a movie… The boy might not come back. So what do we do then? Maybe… just maybe we needed to say goodbye in order to make room for a new hello. It could take months, maybe even years to realize this but I guarantee you that goodbye was needed. If the person you said goodbye to was the one, you would be with him right now. They say if it’s real it comes back, I say if it’s real it never left. There have been plenty of times when I had to say goodbye and let go of my “true love”. It was probably the hardest, most heart wrenching thing I ever had to do, but it was worth it in the end. Day by day it seemed like I couldn’t live without him, but months passed and I woke up and realized I could, and i have been ever since.

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