The Breakup (Time to start living YOUR own life)

When you and your significant other go through a breakup, it will feel as if your whole world is crashing and crumbling beneath your feet. You will start to doubt every life decision you made up until that point, the very moments that lead you to make this earth shattering decision. Don’t let this feeling waver your original decision, your gut decision! Stay strong. I cant promise you that you will wake up the next day and feel better than the day before. I cant promise you that this feeling of utter heartbreak will go away, not anytime soon at least. But i can promise you a variety of other things, (things that don’t have genitals or body hair, which is a plus in my book.) I promise you bucket loads of sulking and self loathing accompanied by your favorite pint of ice cream, courtesy of the two men in our lives who will never disappoint us “Ben & Jerry”. I promise limitless binge watching of your favorite netflix obsession and I can also guarantee you that there WILL be moments where you will catch your own reflection in the screen on your computer and whisper a very promising “holy shit” to yourself, because you look like crap and you didn’t know it was even possible for eyes to get that puffy. In between the nose blowing and the netflix and even that third pint of ice cream (maybe its time to put that down), every girl needs to remember that she is not alone. Somewhere else out there you will find another girl crying about a different asshole, doing the same thing you are. All of this is okay though, its a process, maybe even a right of passage, but we can’t forget about ourselves along the way. Know when enough is enough, ball your eyes out for a day, ( yes i am only giving you one full day), and then brush yourself off, throw some heels on and out the door your ass goes. Time to live the rest of your goddamn life. Extra emphasis on the your. We’re too young to completely dedicate our lives to someone else before finding out who WE even are yet. We have our whole lives to settle down, trust me. I am a strong believer that in order to figure out who and what you are even looking for you need to experience life and people in every way, color, shape, and form. These experiences are what shape you. They are what you will look back at days, weeks, maybe even years from now as a reference and a reminder of the person you have become and the person you used to be. What you think you want right now might not be the same thing you want in two years. We change & grow everyday. I know I’m sure as hell not the same person I was at 16, and I thank god for that. We need to go out and live our lives for us. There are SO many fish in the sea, and it’s so rare at this day in age to find the person you’re going to settle down with at a whopping 17 years young. You probably haven’t even ventured out of the state yet. Plus, going on multiple dates & double dating with your besties is fun 🙂 While you’re out there making memories with your girlfriends, and doing stupid stuff that you and your friends take to the grave, the right person will come around when the time is right. Timing is absolutely everything

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